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Why SuperForm Tax Forms

Thousands of professionals rely on SuperForm® Tax Forms to do what tax prep packages and government Websites cannot — provide access to virtually every federal, state, and local form you'll ever need! Plus SuperForm is the only tax forms software with 20+ years of archived, fileable forms and instructions so you’re always able to complete the job and meet tight deadlines!

SuperForm meets your needs, no matter what type of firm or business:

  • Tax & Accounting Firms
    SuperForm supplements and provides access to forms not included in tax preparation software.
  • Sole Practitioners
    SuperForm is a cost-effective tax forms package especially if you prepare a small volume of tax returns for a wide variety of tax types and jurisdictions.
  • Corporations
    SuperForm makes it easy to prepare and research returns for a variety of reporting, filing, and compliance responsibilities.
  • Tax Attorneys & Paralegals
    SuperForm complements tax preparation software and provides access to estate tax, fiduciary, and other required forms.

What can I get from SuperForm Tax Forms that I can't get from the free government Web sites?
SuperForm Tax Forms offers four big advantages over government Web sites:

  1. SuperForm is designed for efficiency so there's no wasted time searching for forms and instructions on Web sites that are difficult to understand and navigate.
  2. Some forms are not available on government Web sites. SuperForm provides access to virtually every federal, state, and local form you need including forms from the last 20+ years.
  3. SuperForm's automatic calculations save time and help ensure accuracy.
  4. The print and fill forms you get on the Web sites don't allow forms to be saved electronically for future reference or modifications.

SuperForm Tax Forms is easy to use and inexpensive. It helps me prepare tax returns and forms on the fly and enables me to provide fast, quality service to my clients. My ROI on this software is 100% – I use it every day!

Stacy Hamilton Sheedy, CPA, JD
Stacy H. Sheedy & Company, PC

System Requirements

10 MB free hard disk space

Windows® XP/ Vista/ Windows 7, 8, 10

Supports all Windows-compatible printers and popular networks